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Must-have features in your website that helps to generate Organic Leads

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Many website development companies can create a website for your business, but not everybody can develop a lead generating website. Apart from digital marketing, online advertising, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your website design greatly affects whether visitors are converted to leads who might become potential customers.

In this day and age, you need to have some certain features that your website should have for lead generation. These could be implemented if you hire an experienced web development company.

10 Featrures to help generate organic leads for your website

  1. Online Chat Feature
  2. This feature enables you to speak with the visitors to your website in real-time. Being proactive on the web advancements we implement online chat features that allow you to know which page the visitor is on for you to start a meaningful chat with them providing them what they are currently reading about. This will enhance your leads immediately.

  3. Pop-UPS’s
  4. If you are paying for online advertising, you would know driving traffic to your website is not all cheap. Most of the visitors that leave will return, so every lead you get from pop up is more what you have lost.

  5. Google Analytics
  6. Google Analytics is free of cost analytics website of Google that gives you insights into how users find and use the website. You will need to put a tracking code and tags to be started. After which you will able to gain insights into where your audience is coming from, how users navigate your website and other more popular pages on the website.

  7. Floating Menu Feature
  8. A fixed menu is a web component that stays in place while the user is scrolling the web page. More and More visitors browse websites via their mobile phones or desktops. So a fixed menu feature enables users to get clear and regardless of contact information of your business.

  9. Hotjar
  10. It is a powerful tool that reveals the online behavior of the users. By combining both analysis and feedback tools. It helps you visualize how visitors use your website from their perspectives.

  11. Personalize your CTA’s
  12. Dynamic content leads to a better user experience every time they visit your website. People who will on the website come across images, video, client testimonials that are tailored to the user’s interests. Better yet personalized call to actions convert 42% more visitors than basic calls to action and on-page personalization helps you more number leads.

  13. More landing pages
  14. According to a recent survey companies having 10+ landing pages on their website are likely to generate 7X more leads than companies with only 1 to 5 landing pages.

  15. Thank-you pages
  16. It is often witnessed that landing pages get more attention in the lead generation process. But the thank-you pages where the visitor led to once they submit a form on a landing page and convert into a lead should not be overlooked. Along with the thank you page, be sure to add a link for your new lead to download the offer. You can also include social media sharing buttons to generate extra leads.

  17. Subscribe to a newsletter
  18. This plays an important role in the lead generation process as once a user enters his/her email Id then you can send your daily blogs that registered email address and this increases your chances of conversion that lead into a potential customer.

  19. Nurture your leads
  20. Just remember no lead is going to convert magically it’s only your efforts that matter for the conversion. Nurturing leads should commence with regular following up with emails that include great content. As you nurture them, learn from your last emails and take regular follow-ups and send all the future offers accordingly.


There is no point in developing or designing a website for your business if that doesn’t help in generating leads or potential customers. There would be no revenue if you don’t have the right clients for growth.

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