Live Streaming App Development

Everything you need to know about Live Streaming App Development

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Live streaming is a trendy area that is attracting every startup or enterprise owner it is broadening its borders and one-third of all consumed data is video content only. Pre-produced videos are the next big thing in online marketing. This is the reason why live-streaming app development has managed to gain quite popularity on businesses as it affects them directly. A recent report revealed that it will account for 82% of the global traffic by the end of this year.

The days are gone and time has changed when Television was the source of entertainment, video streaming apps have changed the entire complexion of watching your favorite movies and TV shows A professional and skilled video-streaming app development Company has attracted many renowned business owners to live streaming to name a few like ZEE, Amazon They managed to increase customer engagement and meet all their sales objectives.

These platforms offer all the latest TV series, movies with an affordable monthly or yearly subscription. Despite being services with premium membership it is leaving behind the TV and other free streaming services. This shows what the current status of live streaming is.

If you are looking to gather all the necessary information regarding live streaming app development then you are at the perfect spot.

Why invest in Video-streaming services?

But before as the leading Live Streaming Mobile App Development Company, we provide you some solid reasons to have video streaming for your business. Here are some to mention:

  • The content on video streaming applications holds a great value.
  • The type of content and timing largely depends on the users.
  • An engaging live streaming app development from industry veterans helps to increase customer engagement and build a solid database as well.

Some popular Live Video Streaming and OTT Applications

# Live Streaming Apps OTT Applications
1 Livestream Amazon Prime
2 Facebook Live Netflix
3 Broadcast me Hulu
4 Instagram Live ZEE5

Key features in Live streaming App

Here are some of the key features recommended by the top live-streaming app development Company that your app should have:

  1. Social Media Sharing
  2. Once you integrate all your social media handles to your live streaming app. Your loyal views can share the episode or a movie on various platforms and can share their experience as well.

  3. Push Up Notifications
  4. The magic of push up notification we already have mentioned in other on-demand apps, healthcare apps, and business owners are well familiar with that. When this feature is crafted well and if you are able to target the right audience for your platform then you are at the perfect track as it will engage them and forces them to once check what’s new available there.

  5. Affordable Subscriptions
  6. This is a great way to engage your target audience and make money altogether. Offer affordable subscriptions along with sharing engaging content that will help you generate revenue as well.

  7. Comprehensive Dashboard
  8. This more than just an app to the owner, this would enable the admin to manage different users, different shows, manage all the glitches, view earnings, and control the overall functioning of the app.

  9. Reviews and Ratings
  10. Allowing users to review and rate the content streamed on your app will help to deliver better content and see what is more viewed by the customers. The users can easily rate and give review their video and can see the reviews given by others before they decide to watch, download altogether.

How much exactly does it cost to develop a live streaming app?

The costs vary widely according to your choice of development and the platform you decided for it and the development team as well. A fully-featured mobile video streaming app will cost you around 10,000 USD to 35,000 USD. However, the cost may vary according to factors like development, App design, etc.


The mobile trend is booming in this digital world with several opportunities and a wider audience. Investing in live streaming app solutions is always a wise option to bring your business to the sales track it deserves. So be a partner with the professional development Company for a strong live streaming strategy that can your business to grow.